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On GIS, and how I'd like to hug the world.

CL-USER> (let ((monroe (street-by-name "N" "Monroe" "St" "" :error))
               (indiana (street-by-name "W" "Indiana" "Av" "" :error)))
           (intersections monroe indiana))
(#<STREET-VERTEX at #<POINT 47.6749deg,-117.4267deg> on Northwest, Monroe, Indiana>)
CL-USER> (let ((mission (street-by-name "E" "Mission" "Av" "" :error))
               (hamilton (street-by-name "N" "Hamilton" "St" "" :error)))
           (intersections mission hamilton))
(#<STREET-VERTEX at #<POINT 47.6718deg,-117.3965deg> on Hamilton, Mission>
 #<STREET-VERTEX at #<POINT 47.6717deg,-117.3965deg> on Hamilton, Mission>)

(Mission has a big island going down its middle, up to at least this intersection. Two physical roads means there's two physical intersections.)

This means I've been at least moderately successful. The best part: I didn't even have to screw around with GIS libraries. MapInfo MIF format is super-trivial to read and use, and ogr2ogr took care of de-projecting the map data and converting it to that format.

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