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Programmers and their hubris

Read Programmers Need To Learn Statistics Or I Will Kill Them All. It's worth it for this pile of gold alone:

I’m sure you’ve all thought about it at some point. “Imagine you’re on a planet where everyone was blind, and you’re the only one with sight. How would you describe the sunset?” It’s commonly something done as an exercise in high school and it’s retarded. If this planet were populated with programmers though it would be really interesting.

Zed: Wow, the sunset here is a brilliant blue.
Joe Programmer: No, you’re fucking wrong it’s red asshole.
Zed: Uh, it’s blue. Guy with vision here. Remember?
Frank Programmer: Yeah, it’s red man. You’re an idiot. See, I can hear the way it makes the air move so I know it looks red.
Zed: Look! I’m the one who can see! It’s blue.
Joe Programmer: I have written huge web applications in every language and even programmed the original VAX. I know that sunset is red.
Frank Programmer: It’s red because of the heat it generates on my arm. Yes. I’m sure that’s it.
Zed: Fuck! Fuck! I have eyes! You do not! See!? No?! Exactly! Because you can’t fucking see because you have no fucking eyes! Arrggh! I’m going to get a burrito.
Joe Programmer: That guy is such an asshole.
Frank Programmer: Yep. Still sounds red to me though.

On another note, try my Spokane Transit trip planner—oh, it doesn't yet:

  • Tell you which busses to take,
  • Accept addresses—intersections only,
  • Account that it takes longer to walk uphill than downhill,
  • Account that it takes longer to cross busy streets than other ones,
  • Let you cut across parks,
  • Let you tell it to skip alleyways after dark,
  • Have a Glitz 2.0 user interface,
  • Run reliably,

But it will tell you the mathematically shortest walking path, assuming a naïve model of walking! The rest (2%!) comes soon.

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