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En Route now supports GTFS

En Route now supports Google Transit Feed Specification for transit schedule times and vehicle paths, and my STA→En Route Spokane conversion scripts now output data in GTFS format.

This means:

  1. I have an external data model instead of my ad-hoc STA data formats. Maintenance becomes an order of magnitude easier.
  2. I can submit STA transit data to Google to include Spokane Transit with Google Transit's trip planner.
  3. Once I start importing street GIS data from OpenStreetMap, it becomes possible for other transit systems to run on my trip planner.
    • I can import data from agencies that make their Google feeds public, like Portland's TriMet.
    • I can market my trip planner to the few and possibly growing number of agencies that do Google Transit, but don't have their own trip planner. They get a trip planner for only the cost of the software, since they already put together the data (which is the expensive part).
  4. I can use standard GTFS tools to view and manipulate STA transit data. Like schedule_viewer:

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