J.P. Larocque (jp_larocque) wrote,
J.P. Larocque

Trip Planner: addresses, pretty graphics, and more


(I'm going to be writing a lot about Trip Planner in the time to come, so bear with me.)

It now supports address geocoding, which means you can directly enter addresses, instead of street intersections. For addresses and intersections, it will correct misspellings or variations on spelling in street names.

It now has a professional layout with complete content, such as an introduction, description of how it works, and a description of how to use it effectively.

And then there's Trippy, the adorable anthropomorphic bus that every trip planner needs:

The map pane has also been enhanced, with bus stop icons and different line coloring, depending on whether you're walking or riding the bus:

  1. Gives you step-by-step bus and walking directions.
  2. Points your bus stops out on the map.
  3. Finds the best stop for your destination.
  4. Factors in your walking time and gives you a breakdown of time.
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